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S U G G E S T E D  R O U T I N E

Before workout, penis warm-up:

Soak the provided towel under hot tap water -not scalding hot-, wring out the excess water and wrap your entire penis with it for a minute or so. Repeat it two more times, for a total of three hot wraps to ensure a safe and efficient workout.

Then bring your penis to 60-80% erection level and add skin lubricant. Ready to start: 




Jelqing Tool Ez-Jelq

Open the device and place it around the base of your penis, as close to your pubic bone as you can, then apply light pressure on the grip;




While maintaining light pressure on the grip, pull your grip towards the tip of your penis, creating a blood flow along the shaft.

This stroke should last 2-3 seconds.

Jelqing Device



Jelqing Exercises


Stop the pull directly before it reaches the glans, then maintain the stretching tension for 1 to 2 additional seconds and open the device.

 This completes one Jelq, return to step 1.


You can perform this workout 10 minutes daily, two days on and one day off. In a span of six weeks, you can increase the workout time to 15 min., three days on and one day off.


  •  Always warm up before start your routine.

  •  Always start gradually, allowing the penis to adapt.

  •  The ideal grip pressure is the one that doesn't hurt but effectively pushes blood through the penis shaft.

  •  The ideal stretching tension is the one that just doesn't hurt.

  •  Drag the skin back while repositioning the device helps to minimize the pull of the skin.

  •  Never work out with a flaccid or fully erected penis, 60-80% semi-erected is the goal.

  •  Partially trimming your pubic area can help to perform your routine.

  •  Always take the rest days as suggested to avoid over training.

  •  Remember, with Ez-Jelq less is more!

ez-jelq video tutorial 18+

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